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Repealing Decree Law 213

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Repealing Decree Law 213 on telecommunications
between Cuba and the U.S.

In 2000, the Cuban government issued Decree Law No. 213, which increased the amount to be paid for every minute of international call between the U.S. and Cuba, in response to legitimate theft of funds owed to our country companies American telecommunications.

We assessed that under current technological conditions and operation of international telephone traffic, reducing the amount to pay fCuba-USAor the calls will facilitate the growth of international telephone calls to or from our country.

Therefore, the State Council of the Republic of Cuba, through Executive Order No. 307, dated November 30, 2012, has decided to repeal the Decree Law No. 213 of 2000.

This measure will also benefit communication among the Cuban population and emigration.

(With information AIN)

1 December 2012 | 31 Comments


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