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Terms and Conditions

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Cuba Routes Offer´s Terms and Conditions

A high quality and stable route
The exploitation of the 4.401 route is subject to terms and conditions that are imposed upon us by the supplier which must be strictly fulfilled.

We recommend 4.401 route as the most effective and stable in the top 10 routes operated by Telecom Cuba, albeit with some conditions.

The 4.401 route offers high profitability due to provider’s stability and seriousness. There is an availability on this route to date of 2,000 free channels.

In this regard, we encourage our operators, to send their traffic via this route, according to price and quality specifications offered.

Normally this route maintains a PDD which ranges between 2 and 5 seconds, it has an ASR of 40% to 50% and ACD 4 to 5 minutes, with a general average of 24 hours.

In cases of operators who collect via TDM their calls to direct or final residential and business customers and thereafter they sent this calls through TDM or special underwater flows to Cuba Telecom, these mentioned 24 HRS statistics increase significantly

Minimum occupation of 15 channels

It is very important to note that the quality parameters we offer for this route are based on a minimum permanent occupancy of 15 channels.

Operators requesting wholesale rates must make a commitment to a daily traffic of not less than 9,000 minutes, equivalent to the occupation of 15 channels of an E-1.

With this minimum occupancy of 9,000 minutes a day we ensure that these quality parameters will be fulfilled. If traffic is reduced significantly below the commitment, the supplier automatically takes us out of the good routes and thus lower their quality parameters. This fact must be taken into account before contracting our services.

We warn you that any traffic below this minimum amount will be considered as retail and therefore the base rate to be applied to this route: will be of € 0.6499 + VAT

The daily traffic volume committed must be met in full, except in the case of a malfunction or other cause attributable to Cuba Telecom.

Every night at 00:00 HRS (U.S Eastern Standard Time valid in Havana) billing cutting is done corresponding to consumption of the previous day and it is prepared for a period of 24 hours by applying to the total daily minutes the prices in the table above depending on the commitment of total daily minutes agreed by both parties.

Since this point is sometimes particularly troublesome in relationships with some operators, we give you the following example:

If your company hires Telecom Cuba with a 4401 rate given a  route capacity of 30,000 minutes a day, prepayment amounts will cover your traffic at the best rate only if you reach or exceed that figure.

However, if your traffic is below 30.000 in any given day, the rate to be applied for billing will be of $ 0.6190 (2,000 minutes) or of € 0.6074 (6.000 minutes).
You should always have a credit balance with us of no less than € 1,000. We recommend you to have a minimum of € 10,000 so as not to have your credit exhausted. This figure varies depending on the volume of traffic they send every 24 HRS

Quality Parameters
The quality parameters are taken from the actual wholesale traffic and always depend on the quality of the traffic received by Cuba Telecom: that means if this traffic is of the best or of the worst quality.

Cuba Telecom is committed to meet exclusively the quality standards for cuts periods of 24 hours or those periods to be agreed by both parties.

Final Customers complaints

Cuba Telecom provides no customer assistance to final customers (residential and corporate) for failed calls when since the offer is for a wholesale carrier at a wholesale rate.

If for some strange and unusual reason we report calls with FAS, we only refund the amounts collected in those calls when the length of connected time does not exceed 20 seconds.

In these cases, and before reporting FAS, it must be verify that the codec sent was a G729 code and that it has been sent by the SIP port 5060 only. To send other codec’s different than the G729 generates "death air" commonly perceived in FAS routes to Cuba.

Cuba Telecom provides no tracking system for call cases with FAS, which is almost nonexistent in our service, but proceeds to cancel the service with the provider causing this FAS or any other type of fraud, such as call centers that intercept calls with false partners. This type of crime is detected when levels are suspiciously above 60% ASR in a continuous manner.

For a claim to be valid, it must be made via email. Fault alerts can be made by telephone service, but they must be also sent immediately via email to ensure that all Cuba Telecom NOC members receive it at

Cheap rates or MiX routes rates are obtained by mixing several routes, Cuba Telecom cannot grant you sustained quality whatsoever on these routes. Sometimes these routes are operative for a long period of time but most times are only operative for a 24 hour period. Cuba Telecom is not responsible for these bad or gray routes.

Terms of payment


This type of operation are only possible via confirmed, divisible and irrevocable letter of credit issued by a leading trade bank, and subject to discrepancies for a term not exceeding seven (7) days, to be released (presented to the issuing bank) every Monday before 14:00 HRS (London Time), to recover the amount of the invoice that was generated between the preceding Monday and Sunday. Should the L/C not being a viable option, payment must be ensured with a confirming, factoring or a revolving deposit.

Banking fees and commission may be assumed by both parties in order to make possible the commercial relationship.


Financial terms are prepaid in USD or EURO plus 21% VAT for operators in Spain and the European Union.

If provider requires not to pay VAT, prepayments shall be transferred from non-EU countries, prior negotiation and signing of contract rates between operators.

Invoice delivery can be made upon receipt of each prepaid deposit or at week closing against real traffic carried.

Reconciliations of prepaid minutes will be held every week before the preparation of the invoice by Cuba Telecom. It should be taken into account some variations due to the different time zones of the servers involved in the operation, time frames sometimes ranging from -8 GMT and GMT +1.

At least once per month these reconciliations should be performed in order to detect extra differences. No claims for billing differences will be admitted after 30 days since the invoice was issued.

Hiring direct routes with ETECSA

IP Interconnections always generate reductions in quality, thus it is always of grate interest to hire direct routes, and Cuba Telecom recommends direct E-1 bilateral circuit interconnection with ETECSA.

This process usually takes up to a year or more. The process requires the presentation and legalization of a large number of corporate and legal documents at the Cuban consulate located at the country of origin.

In these cases, all costs of paperwork, travel and negotiations must be paid 100% by the company concerned.

It should be noted that in this case Cuba Telecom facilitates intermediation through a consultancy service, obviously without committing to grant the carrier concerned a successful direct interconnection with ETECSA.

The fixed consultancy rate for this service is of $ 6,000 USD, 50% of which will be paid at the signing of the consultancy contract, and the remaining 50% in Havana after performing the first meeting at ETECSA headquarters, independently that the procedure is extended to six (6) months, a year or longer, and if result thereof would be positive or negative.

Test Accounts

The real-time online access to the CDR’s and account details via the web is on site available at

Trial accounts with real prepaid traffic should be charged with at least €100 Euros This balance can be recharged at the carrier’s request as long as testing would be needed.

Prepayments to Cuba Telecom accounts in Spain, the European Union or any third countries must be submitted by the operator with which we sign the contract, which must be the holder of the account issuing payments. We do not accept cash payments.

Cuba Telecom prefers not to work with cash refunds, the reason being that when you make a prepayment, the money in turn is fragmented and resent to one, two, three or even four providers that serve direct, indirect, and overflow alternative routes,.

For this reason, refund requests are sometimes a real problem, because these operators, in turn, have done the same with their suppliers.
In those cases (rare) the carrier must consume the balance in full within 30 calendar days after the cessation of bilateral operations.

When faced with an urgent need to return an unused prepaid, upon request, the operator must wait until Cuba Telecom ensures that the requested amount would be applied to your balance by your provider.

In all cases, the operator applicant shall assume all bank fees and penalties that under the contracts may exist, assuming that the reason for the return is not because of poor service or breach of contract of Cuba Telecom.

If due to force majeure, you will not be sending traffic in any specific date, you will have to communicate the fact at least 24 hours in advance by email to Cuba Telecom so the provider has the time to reset sensitive volume, so as not to keep those capacities locked.

Payments in high traffic holidays

To cover weekends and especially on holidays such as Christmas, New Year's Eve, New Year’s Day, Father's Day, Mother's Day (in Europe and Cuba, which are the first and the second Sunday of May, in order of reference), the operator must ensure that your prepayment deposit is firmly in Cuba Telecom account with at least 72 hours before the end of the working week or the holiday in question, in order to allow us to have time to make the prepayments to our supplier.

Should an operator balance reaches $ 0.00 a weekend or holiday day (or any other day), traffic will be cut without any right to claim against Cuba Telecom.

If you request in writing funding for that uncovered period of time and in order to keep traffic flowing through the circuit, the money advanced by  Cuba Telecom will bear a 5% interest  to be applied when the next prepayment is received or paid (capital + interest) by wire transfer on the first business day after the funded period.

The fees and charges for all bank transfers, card payments and other means of payment shall be paid by the operator. Cuba Telecom will always apply calculations on traffic on the resulting balance of the total received in our bank account and based on that estimate the total number of minutes that will be served to the client.

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