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Cuba Telecom prefers not to work with cash refunds, the reason being that when you make a prepayment, the money in turn is fragmented and resent to one, two, three or even four providers that serve direct, indirect, and overflow alternative routes,.

For this reason, refund requests are sometimes a real problem, because these operators, in turn, have done the same with their suppliers.
In those cases (rare) the carrier must consume the balance in full within 30 calendar days after the cessation of bilateral operations.

When faced with an urgent need to return an unused prepaid, upon request, the operator must wait until Cuba Telecom ensures that the requested amount would be applied to your balance by your provider.

In all cases, the operator applicant shall assume all bank fees and penalties that under the contracts may exist, assuming that the reason for the return is not because of poor service or breach of contract of Cuba Telecom.

If due to force majeure, you will not be sending traffic in any specific date, you will have to communicate the fact at least 24 hours in advance by email to Cuba Telecom so the provider has the time to reset sensitive volume, so as not to keep those capacities locked.

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