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Minimum occupation

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Minimum occupation of 15 channels

It is very important to note that the quality parameters we offer for this route are based on a minimum permanent occupancy of 15 channels.

Operators requesting wholesale rates must make a commitment to a daily traffic of not less than 9,000 minutes, equivalent to the occupation of 15 channels of an E-1.

With this minimum occupancy of 9,000 minutes a day we ensure that these quality parameters will be fulfilled. If traffic is reduced significantly below the commitment, the supplier automatically takes us out of the good routes and thus lower their quality parameters. This fact must be taken into account before contracting our services.

We warn you that any traffic below this minimum amount will be considered as retail and therefore the base rate to be applied to this route: will be of € 0.6499 + VAT

The daily traffic volume committed must be met in full, except in the case of a malfunction or other cause attributable to Cuba Telecom.

Every night at 00:00 HRS (U.S Eastern Standard Time valid in Havana) billing cutting is done corresponding to consumption of the previous day and it is prepared for a period of 24 hours by applying to the total daily minutes the prices in the table above depending on the commitment of total daily minutes agreed by both parties.

Since this point is sometimes particularly troublesome in relationships with some operators, we give you the following example:

If your company hires Telecom Cuba with a 4401 rate given a  route capacity of 30,000 minutes a day, prepayment amounts will cover your traffic at the best rate only if you reach or exceed that figure.

However, if your traffic is below 30.000 in any given day, the rate to be applied for billing will be of $ 0.6190 (2,000 minutes) or of € 0.6074 (6.000 minutes).
You should always have a credit balance with us of no less than € 1,000. We recommend you to have a minimum of € 10,000 so as not to have your credit exhausted. This figure varies depending on the volume of traffic they send every 24 HRS

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