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Terms and Conditions

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Cuba Routes Offer´s Terms and Conditions

A high quality and stable route

The exploitation of the 4.401 route is subject to terms and conditions that are imposed upon us by the supplier which must be strictly fulfilled.

We recommend 4.401 route as the most effective and stable in the top 10 routes operated by Telecom Cuba, albeit with some conditions.

The 4.401 route offers high profitability due to provider’s stability and seriousness. There is an availability on this route to date of 2,000 free channels.

In this regard, we encourage our operators, to send their traffic via this route, according to price and quality specifications offered.

Normally this route maintains a PDD which ranges between 2 and 5 seconds, it has an ASR of 40% to 50% and ACD 4 to 5 minutes, with a general average of 24 hours.

In cases of operators who collect via TDM their calls to direct or final residential and business customers and thereafter they sent this calls through TDM or special underwater flows to Cuba Telecom, these mentioned 24 HRS statistics increase significantly

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