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Customers Complaints

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Final Customers complaints

Cuba Telecom provides no customer assistance to final customers (residential and corporate) for failed calls when since the offer is for a wholesale carrier at a wholesale rate.

If for some strange and unusual reason we report calls with FAS, we only refund the amounts collected in those calls when the length of connected time does not exceed 20 seconds.

In these cases, and before reporting FAS, it must be verify that the codec sent was a G729 code and that it has been sent by the SIP port 5060 only. To send other codec’s different than the G729 generates "death air" commonly perceived in FAS routes to Cuba.

Cuba Telecom provides no tracking system for call cases with FAS, which is almost nonexistent in our service, but proceeds to cancel the service with the provider causing this FAS or any other type of fraud, such as call centers that intercept calls with false partners. This type of crime is detected when levels are suspiciously above 60% ASR in a continuous manner.

For a claim to be valid, it must be made via email. Fault alerts can be made by telephone service, but they must be also sent immediately via email to ensure that all Cuba Telecom NOC members receive it at

Cheap rates or MiX routes rates are obtained by mixing several routes, Cuba Telecom cannot grant you sustained quality whatsoever on these routes. Sometimes these routes are operative for a long period of time but most times are only operative for a 24 hour period. Cuba Telecom is not responsible for these bad or gray routes.

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