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Wholesale Support

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FAQ: Wholesale Termination Including Call Shops

If you don't find an answer to your question, Click Here to fill out our support form and your inquiry will be replied to with in 24 business hours.

  1. Do you support SIP and H323
  2. What codec do you support?
  3. What is you interconnection technical information?
  4. What switches, ATAs and gateways do you support?
  5. What’s your dial plan?
  6. Will my calls fail if I dial with 00 or 011 while my account is setup to dial without 00 or 011?
  7. How do I check my usage and account balance?
  8. Do you email invoices?
  9. Do you provide 24/7 technical support?


1. Do You Support SIP And H323


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What Codec Do You Support?

We support the following codec for both SIP and H.323

  • G.729 R 8 Kbps, with Payload sizes 40ms, 30ms and 20ms but 40ms is the preferred and the most used one.
  • G.723.1 R 6.3 Kbps with 30ms payload

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What Is You Interconnection Technical Information?

  • SIP Interconnection
    • Singling IPs for SIP will be provided
    • SIP port 5060
  • H.323 Interconnection
    • Signaling IPs for H.323 will be provided
    • H.245 Tunneling is enabled
    • FAST start is enabling

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What Switches, ATAs And Gateways Do You Support?

Our network is compatible with most VoIP switches, Gateways, and ATAs.

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What’s Your Dial Plan?

For International destinations dial Country code+ City code + phone number
Example: for Cuba you will dial 5375553476

For USA, Canada dial 1+the city code + the Tel number
Example: 1212545687554

We also have the options for dialing international numbers with 00 or 011. But you have to specify what dial plan you will adapt.

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Will My Calls Fail If I Dial With 00 Or 011 While My Account Is Setup To Dial Without 00 Or 011?

Yes calls will fail and you will get a fast busy signal. You have to notify our NOC at in advance about the change in your dial plan in order to setup your dial plan accordingly.

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How Do I Check My Usage And Account Balance?

Prepaid account owners will be given online access to view usage, CDRs, balance among other account management tools.

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Do You Email Invoices?

We email weekly invoices to carriers but not to call shops.

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Do You Provide 24/7 Technical Support?

Our network is monitored around the clock and all customers inquiries and trouble tickets are checked and replied to within 1 hour.

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